Into The Water – Review:

I have been waiting MONTHS for this book so when a friend told me she had a proof copy I had to read it before it’s release. I might still buy the book anyway because I loved it so much!

So, Into The Water is based in the UK again and mostly revolves around a mysterious body of water affectionately nicknamed “The Drowning Pool”. The deeply damaged protagonist, Jules, is informed that her sister has committed suicide by way of diving into The Drowning Pool, so she returns to her hometown to care for her now orphaned niece.

Through the course of the book, you get to explore Jules’ history with her sister as it entwines with the curse of The Drowning Pool. Is it haunted? Does the water have some pull on disturbed women? Or is it just a convenient murder spot?

The narrative is a similar structure to Girl On The Train as it’s told from many different viewpoints including dead people. To quote myself when discussing the book with a friend, “I had trouble remembering who was actually dead”.

As the mystery of The Drowning Pool unfolds you’ll read stories from the women who died there, so keeping track of who’s dead and who’s alive was tricky for me. Only because I can’t follow too many characters, even my subconscious hates people.

What strikes me is the language, although Hawkins last book was well written, this one is more… Not romantic, not quite beautiful… I suppose flowery? Without being overbearing. I think because this book struck quite a different cord than Girl On The Train.

Rather than the rushes of anger, confusion, and suspense that GOTT evoked, this story is intense in a heartfelt way. It appeals to the goth in me I guess.

A sensational new thriller from Paula Hawkins, who’s quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.


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