The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k – Review

I’m not really one for self-help books. My Mum’s been through plenty at this point and I can’t say she ever recommended me any. But I’m a fan of swearing and I’m not a fan of this pseudo positive life advice crap that’s floating around the internet at the moment.

You know the “5 Things Successful People Do That You Should Also Probably Do You Useless Sleepy Shitbag” posts you see all over LinkedIn (UGH, don’t get me started on LinkedIn).

But I read the blurb of this book in Waterstones and decided this is my kind of life advice. Knight prescribes what she calls the Not Sorry Method. Using the Not Sorry Method, she claims you can successfully cut people and things you don’t give a fuck about, out of your life.

I really enjoyed the structure of the book, I listened to it on the Audible app while driving so I didn’t get the PDF’s out and do the exercises properly.

Yes I know I can’t exactly review the method if I haven’t even attempted it BUT, I have a theory that this would be difficult to implement as a Brit. We spend 85% of our time either thanking or apologising so I think outright informing someone that you don’t want to come to their child’s birthday party for no reason except you don’t care about it will cause some animosity.

But then again, that’s probably because I haven’t cleared out my mind barn of things I don’t give a fuck about. So actually, if I tried the strategy, I might be wrong. If like me, you think you should probably do some personal development but can’t think of anything worse than reading The Secret, I do recommend the not sorry method.

Knight does a great job of smashing down all your unnecessary concerns and paranoia about offending people and teaches how to spend less time doing shit you don’t care about without being an arsehole.

Really, all we want is more time to do stuff we give a fuck about and less time doing stuff we don’t give a fuck about and Sarah Knight can show you how to achieve it.


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