Some Thoughts On Not Giving A Fuck:

Recently, I listened to and reviewed Sarah Knight’s Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck and started working out what I did and didn’t give a fuck about. 

This happened to coincide with the day I was aimlessly searching for inspiration for my blog post last Saturday. I was scrolling through old posts looking for topics I’d touched upon or said I was going to write about and then I realised… 

Everything on my blog recently has been pretty shit to be honest.


So I thought about it. I mean really thought about what I wanted this blog to be. I’ve jumped all over the place thinking about turning it into a “Freelancer with ADHD” themed blog, or exclusively ADHD related, or just book reviews, or exclusively about freelancing (because there needs to be more of those, yawn). 

Until it occurred to me that, I never wanted this blog to be anything in the first place.

Actually, all I ever wanted a blog for was so I had somewhere to word vomit. Somewhere to throw all my nonsensical ideas. Somewhere to just dump all the crap that I carry about in my brain all day every day.

So why do I give a fuck that I skipped a blog post? Or that I haven’t read a book to review that week? Or that I don’t really want to write anything that day?

The answer is, I don’t actually have to give those fucks if they aren’t in my fuck budget (Ta, Sarah). So I won’t.

I’m relinquishing myself of fucks with regard to my blogging schedule. They will go up as and when inspiration strikes and if anyone reading this is disappointed by that then, well… Thanks for reading my blog actually I didn’t realise anyone had stuck around.

Toodles x


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