How To Be A Grown Up – Review:

Title: How To Be A Grown Up – Daisy Buchanan

Publisher: Headline

Date: 6th April 2017

Available from Amazon: How to Be a Grown-Up

Daisy Buchanan read my mind and I suspect you’ll feel the same way when you read this book. With her extensive metaphors and cheeky narrative, she has charmed me into her Twitter following.

The book is split into all the important issues affecting modern twenty-somethings including how to have sex and masturbate, how to survive at work, and how to wash your hair correctly (I’d like to point out that since reading this book, my locks are looking particularly luscious), and how to be healthy etc.

The weird thing is, I already know everything Buchanan told me in this book. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my erratic brain, I already know that,

“It’s OK not to be ambitious in your career, as long as you’re always ambitious for your own wellbeing and happiness.”

And that,

“the greatest lesson to take home is that ‘good in bed’ is bullshit”

Although I live my life according to what feels right for me, (which doesn’t include having a mega stressful career-boosting job) I still regularly feel guilty for not being as ambitious as my friends.

Or for not doing hundreds of courses outside of work to “improve myself” and get a better job because at the end of the day I need to recover from eight hours of socialising and box ticking.

Yes, I’m saying all this from a position of privilege, I have a very supportive family that are happy to assist while I figure my shit out. But it’s still incredibly reassuring that I’m not a useless human being for putting the corporate ladder away to gather dust.

Especially coming from a now successful freelance writer, who was very much in the red when she first started out. Daisy Buchanan is doing the job I want, but I’m hopefully not going to go the same route as her to get there.

To summarise, all women in their twenties need to read this book, it’s a succinct and hysterical summary of what I’ve been saying all along: Chill the fuck out, you’re doing better than you think.

P.S. I really enjoyed this piece of advice,

“Boys are not sex-crazed beasts from Planet Willy.”

Because I grew up with three brothers and that attitude makes me feel physically sick.


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